EB Series Remote Pumping Stations


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Product Description


Valco Melton’s EB series pumping stations increase the adhesive delivery points of your existing melters and extruders by incorporating separately controlled gear pumps that achieve a precise volumetric dosing, improving adhesive grammage precision, pattern consistency, and quality. This metered delivery reduces thermal stress on heat-sensitive substrates, minimizing adhesive degradation and improving overall productivity and lamination quality. By installing the pumping stations close to the application, the adhesive waste is minimized. Valco Melton’s EB series allows you to utilize an increased number of adhesive outputs without further investment on adhesive melters.

Product Specifications

  • Mount vertically or horizontally for easy installation on existing lines
  • Immediate hydraulic response that reduces waste during ramp up and ramp down
  • Reduced hammer head appearance
  • Modular design that allows for future upgrades with no restriction on the number of pumps




EB Series Remote Pumping Stations