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IsoMelt Series


  • Melt Units – PUR
  • PUR Melter


Product Description


  • Melt Units – PUR
  • Hot Melt Dispensing Equipment

Valco Melton’s IsoMelt Series is specifically designed to process reactive hot melts such as PUR, while allowing fast and easy changes to EVA or APAO without adhesive degradation. IsoMelt Units can work with up to 40 liter PUR standard bag sizes to meet the highest production requirements of the woodworking, PVC and aluminum manufacturing industries.


Product Specifications

  • Integrated grammage control is accessible through our intuitive multi-function controller
  • Faster and safer maintenance and cleaning operations with innovative reclining tank and removable melting grid
  • Air-tight tank opening and blowing system
  • Dry blanket prevents moisture from reaching the adhesive
  • Lighting beacon for low adhesive levels and unit alarms




IsoMelt Series