EDrum Series Drum Unloaders


  • Hot Melt Dispensing Equipment
  • Drum and Pail Unloader


For adhesive delivered in 200L drums

Product Description


Valco Melton’s new EDrum Series of Drum Unloaders is specially designed for the application of PUR adhesive delivered in 200L drums. By implementing innovative safety elements such as a platen protection system and fume exhaust hood, the EDrum Series Melters ensure a safer work enviroment that exceeds the most demanding safety regulation requirements.

The Edrum series includes an air injection module and built-in pressure relief valve to adjust adhesive output pressure. There is an optional filter manifold to ensure cleaner applications and finned or flat platens to better adapt to all adhesive types.


Product Specifications

  • Special technology for PUR applications.
  • Safer work enviroment with a new platen protection system and fume exhaust hood.
  • Reduced downtime related with drum changes.
  • Wide range of options to customize the melter to specific user needs.

EDrum Series Drum Unloaders