FlexSpray™ Adhesive Guns


  • Automatic Guns
  • Pneumatic Spray
  • Hot Melt Dispensing Equipment


Product Description


The Valco Melton FlexSpray™ Gun Series is a cost-effective solution that provides highly accurate adhesive application and reduces initial investment in addition to spare parts inventory. This gun series simplifies the heating process with a new air heating system. Specially designed for the nonwoven and converting industries, the FlexSpray Gun Series is compatible with SwirlCP, BAT25, and BAT22 Modules, encompassing a variety of applications including swirl, mini-swirl, strand coat and curtain coat.


Ürün Özellikleri

  • New air heating system increases thermal efficiency and reduces cabling needs.
  • Accepts various non-contact dispensing technologies.
  • Simplifies installation requirements and reduces maintenance costs and downtime with a modular design.
  • 100% Compatible Standard Parts.