Isomelt Mini_2015 copia

IsoMelt Mini Series

20L Pail Unloaders


  • Melt Units – PUR
  • Hot Melt Dispensing Equipment


Product Description


Valco Melton’s IsoMelt Mini Series can accommodate 2kg PUR standard slugs and work with up to 4 liters of adhesive. All units feature a fully integrated multi-functional controller that is accessible from a user-friendly screen, allowing for fast and easy configuration changes and providing ‘key-to-line’ capabilities.


Product Specifications

  • Ideal for edge-banding, post-forming, bookbinding, product assembly and clear packaging.
  • No cleaning is required, which eliminates the need for weekend shutdown.
  • Swiveling tank lid allows for faster changes of PUR slugs, minimizing downtime.




IsoMelt Mini Series