MITO Non-Contact Coating Applicators


  • Contact Coating
  • Automatic Guns
  • Hot Melt Dispensing Equipment



Product Description


Valco Melton’s MITO Series Non-Contact Coating Applicators have been specifically designed to perform at the lowest coating grammages while maintaining a streak-free finish. Coating width, coat weight and adhesive patterns can be easily configured, minimizing set-up and changeover times. Non-contact applications are ideal for working with irregular and/or heat-sensiteve substrates such as PP, PE and PET.

Ürün Özellikleri

  • Each module is independent from the other which allows different flow, pressure and grammage configuration.
  • Has one reseteable pressure relief value per module that allows you to select each module into recirculating modeand minimize adhesive degradation.
  • The pumps can be configured every 25mm
  • In non-contact coating applications, small particles are swept away with the adhesive flow, eliminating the risk of scratches on the coating surface.




MITO Non-Contact Coating Applicators